and moved here so ye hi :b

       you’re my bestest friend ever, the closest thing i have to a soulmate or a twin because we could be the same person tbh, my (incredibly pretty and hot and sexy and beautiful and smart and great and wow ilysm) girlfriend and the one person who can always make me smile when i think nothing can.

       for over 365 days we’ve talked almost everyday and i can honestly keep talking to you all day everyday and i’ll never get tired of it. maybe its because we get along so well, because we understand each other, because we think the same, because we connect on a whole different level or just because i love you a lot and doing things with you makes me happy :3

       even if we’re not like physically together :( we still do like everything together and i know i can tell you anything and just :( 1 year is a long time i cannot beliEBE :b omg i’m gonna cry maybe, when we met i didn’t even imagine we would get so close and that i’d be doing this thing because it’s been a year since you cutely asked me to be your girlfriend omg :(

       you just mean like a lototootot to me and i don’t wanna ever lose you, i don’t want us to fade away or break away or whatever because you mean too much to me, so that can’t happen ok :(

       overall you’re like the best person ever and your characters are the best ever and the things we do with them are even better and i don’t even undERSTAND how we develop them so much together but i love it and i kinda think we inspire each other and :3

       this always happens, i was gonna write 1 cute paragraph and it got longer but oh well what i meant to say wassssss i love you and haPPY 1 YEAR BABYGIRL :D <3

       ( this is a playlist of songs that 1. i know you like or 2. make me think of you or 3. they’re just jarolina songs okay so i’ll put them here again even though they were on the other playlists idc :b )

moonlight sonata - beethoven // nocturnes - frederic chopin // privamera - vivaldi || radio - lana del rey // national anthem - lana del rey // blue jeans - lana del rey // cola - lana del rey // serial killer - lana del rey // summertime sadness - lana del rey // body party - ciara // ave maria - beyonce // far away - tyga ft. chris richardson // thinking about you - frank ocean // ready - fabolous ft. chris brown // inside pt 2 - trey songz // neighbors know my name - trey songz // all that matters - justin bieber // memphis - justin bieber // swap it out - justin bieber // summer - calvin harris // hold it against me - britney spears // shabba - a$ap ferg f. a$ap rocky // ridin’ - a$ap rocky ft. lana del rey // mine - beyonce ft. drake // you da one - rihanna // take you remix - justin bieber // trumpets - jason derulo // wu-tang forever - drake // ashley - big sean ft. miguel // sparks will fly - j cole ft. jhene aiko // ecstasy - tinashe // stargazing - tinashe // secret weapon - tinashe // clappers - wale ft. nicki minaj & juicy j // A$$ - big sean ft. nicki minaj // power trip - j cole ft. miguel // fuck ya man - tila tequila // fine china - chris brown // forbidden fruit - j cole ft. kendrick lamar // na na - trey songz // show me - kid ink ft. chris brown // off to the races - lana del rey // favorite girl - justin bieber // replay - zendaya // bottle you up - zendaya // strip - chris brown // vcr - the XX // shelter - the XX // i won’t give up - jason mraz // i’m yours - jason mraz // better together - jack johnson // devil’s tears - angus & julia stone // i wanna be yours - arctic monkey // naughty girl - beyonce // come home to me - justin bieber // my high - tinashe // the boys - nicki minaj ft. cassie // midnight sun - tinashe // ain’t ready - tinashe // forever - justin bieber // as long as you love me - justin bieber // die in your arms - justin bieber // fancy - iggy azalea ft. charli XCX // murda bizness - iggy azalea ft. TI // pu$$y - iggy azalea


Mr.Probz - Waves



   ”They were stale.” 

  [ she avoids asking if he’s okay
not wanting to make him feel worse. ]


              Oh. Okay, thanks I guess. Is there cookies?

       ( stop acting like a 5 year old, you’re not even hungry at all. )



              I did—— I figured you didn’t want them.

       ( she’s extremely confused as to why
       he’s acting like losing his chips is the
                        end of the world. )


              Well… I wanted them. They were great, now I have to go out and get more…

       ( he knows he’s being annoying, he’s just upset, don’t mind him. )


              You threw my chips away?

       ( he doesn’t even like chips that much, he’s
                  just had a pretty bad day. )